La idea de educación como principio regulativo. En torno al sentido normativo de la reflexión pedagógica kantiana


  • Ileana P. Beade


Parole chiave:

Bildung, Pedagogy, Educative System, Progress of Human Being


Abstract – In this paper I analyze the normative sense of the idea of education proposed by Kant within the frame of his Pedagogical Lessons. My main goal is to show that this idea, conceived as a regulative and normative principle, should guide every project of transformation of the educative system. Kant states that, despite the obstacles that faces the realization of the idea of education, we should be confident that progress of the human race is possible, since the practical domain demands that we consider as relevant, not what effectively happens, but only what should happen. The theoretical reflection on education and its fundamental purposes should be assumed as the most important task within the frame of pedagogical thinking.