Le Noze di Psiche e Cupidine di Galeotto del Carretto: note metrico-linguistiche


  • Noemi Ruggieri



Parole chiave:

Italian Renaissance, Galeotto del Carretto, Noze di Psiche e Cupidine, metric


In the following paper Noze di Psiche e Cupidine, a theatrical work by Galeotto del Carretto, has been analyzed. The first part is an introductory one, where the opera and dating problems are described. The possible match of Noze with Comedia de Beatrice, another Galeotto’s work (believed lost) which is mentioned within letters, will be discussed and underlined. The focus of the second part is the author’s language. On one hand the text is marked by linguistic phenomena from the Nord of Italy (given the fact that the author is from Piemonte). On the other hand, it contains lots of Florentine features as well. This means that Galeotto had already begun a Florentine standardization process which results partial and incomplete. In the third part the attention is focused on the work’s metric, which is various and perfectly fitting with the different issues on the scene. 






Letteratura e Linguistica