Sincronismi giambici: Archiloco, Ipponatte e lo smembramento di Semonide


  • Massimiliano Ornaghi



The different numerical data that form the chronographic tradition of Archilochus could be reconnected to few elements of biographical and anecdotical tradition of the poet. In particular, the foundation of Thasos in 15th or 18th Olympiad and the floruit of Archilochus in 23th or, on the other hand, after 26th Olympiad are due to the connection of the poet with the Lydian king Gyges, mentioned in Archilochean poetry, and are results of olympiadic conversion of different relationships: the foundation of Thasos is synchronized with the start of the reign of Gyges; the floruit in 23th is an approximation of the middle of the reign; the floruit in 26th brings to the end of the reign and so seems to be calculated in comparison with other historical data (Cimmerian invasions, start of the reign of Ardys). The floruit in 29th Olympiad is due probably to an error of the Eusebian tradition. The chronographic traditions of the other iambic poets (above all Semonides and Hipponax) are constructed on the grounds of two deductive methods: some data are fixed - as well as in Archilochean tradition - in connection with historical people mentioned in Semonidean (maybe) or Hipponactean poetry; some data, on the contrary, are due to the literary relationship with the major iambic poet and depend on the creation of poetical canons and series of poets involved in the development of poetic traditions.