Krates bei Plautus? Persa, 118-28

Donatella Izzo


This paper attempts to reinterpret verses 118-28 of Persa of Plautus from multiple perspectives. In particular, the identification of the cynic mentioned therein with Diogenes of Sinope is definitively excluded and is suggested the presence of a general reference to the Cynics in the verses 118-26 and the presence of a specific allusion to Crates of Thebes in verses 127f. This examination helps to reconsider the relation of Persa with the eventual original greek, the dating of the latter, the Roman audience's reaction to philosophical references of this type, and the comic ploys used by Plautus. Conversely, in philosophy, the importance of Plautus’ testimony in the world of ancient Cynicism sources is re-discussed, with emphasis on highlighting the need for caution in respect to the overwhelming predominance of Diogenes of Sinope’s fame in relation to other Cynics in the anecdotal literature and in other works as well.

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Plauto; Persa; allusioni filosofiche; Diogene di Sinope; Cratete di Tebe

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