Studi sulla dislessia evolutiva: lo stato dell'arte

Graziano Lacaita


This paper attempts to take into account the different approaches to the study of developmental dyslexia that have been carried out during the centuries in order to make clear the nature of this deficit that, because of its manifold causes, has been often defined with the name of dyslexic syndrome and to comprehend the evolution of the studies in this field. Various models of reading are described with the purpose of offering an account for how the process of reading happens both in normal and dyslexic readers. The aim is to provide a general idea of this complex reading disability and to consider developmental dyslexia in its different effects depending on the mother tongue of the dyslexic and on the seriousness of the deficit. An important point is represented by the analysis of the neurological, genetic, psychological and linguistic causes of this problem according to latest scientific research.

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ISSN: 1826-803X

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