V. 2 (2023)
Scienze dell’Antichità

A proposito di alcuni termini sepulcrorum inediti dalla via Latina (Roma)

Pubblicato 01-12-2023

Parole chiave

  • Epigraphy,
  • Archaeology,
  • Rome,
  • Via Latina,
  • Funerary Landscape


The aim of this article is to study four unpublished inscriptions, presumably from the Via Latina, preserved in two different sites located just outside Porta Latina: the Curia Generalizia dei Padri Marianisti and the Casa di cura “Mater Misericordiae”. The four termini sepulcrorum can be traced back to funerary enclosures originally located along the Via Latina, between the first and second mile of the road. Each inscription, examinated in situ by the authors, is accompanied by its own epigraphic description, highlighting interesting data and critical points.