V. 2 (2023)

La littera textualis in Calabria

Università di Ferrara

Pubblicato 01-12-2023

Parole chiave

  • Littera textualis,
  • Calabria,
  • Normans,
  • Cistercians,
  • Joachim of Fiore


The subject of Littera textualis in Calabria is perhaps little known to the community but it’s being studied in its various aspects by eminent scholars. The present contribution aims to illustrate it in short but on the whole. I tried to explain the diffusion and the use of Gothic alphabet with efficient supports and rigorous studies, in particular from the XI to the XIII century, in writers’ centre such as Santa Maria of Sambucina, Fiore and Sant’Angelo of Frigilo. The promoters and supporters of this new graphic style were certainly the Normans and the Cistercians, though we need to acknowledge the role of the extraordinary Joachim of Fiore.