V. 1 (2022)
Scienze dell’Antichità

Studio dei reperti dalla ricognizione della villa romana Bocca delle Menate (Comacchio-FE): i contenitori da trasporto e i laterizi bollati

Pubblicato 21-10-2022

Parole chiave

  • Po river delta; Roman villa; Material Culture (Amphorae and Tile stamps); Adriatic productions; Landscape Archaeology


More than 60 years after the discovery of the Roman villa of Bocca delle Menate in Comacchio (FE) (I-II century AD), the University of Ferrara has undertaken an archaeological survey on the site. Despite the Villa was buried after the discovery, from the ground are still emerging several findings. The aim of the archeological project was to verify the site preservation conditions on behalf of the VALUE-enVironmental and cuLtUral hEritage development project for the enhancement of the local archaeological sites. Implementing the previous studies of the archeological materials found in the 50s emergency excavations, the contribution analyzes the two most represented ceramic assemblages collected during the survey: transport containers and building materials. Despite the extremely fragmented state, the analyzed findings have returned numerous confirmations and new data. The focus of the presentation is on the production centers of amphorae and building materials to outline the territorial network, trade flows and local productive sources. The Adriatic productive centers are the most documented despite few containers from the Tyrrhenian side and from the provinces of the Mediterranean region are recorded. Brick stamps of minor private workshops within the well-known Pansiana and Solonas provide a new documentation of the villa’s local short and medium-range network, especially with the Regio VIII Aemilia and the Regio X Venetia et Histria.