V. 1 (2022)

Per la biblioteca di Santa Croce: i manoscritti di autori classici ‘ad usum’ di Sebastiano Bucelli

Pubblicato 21-10-2022

Parole chiave

  • Sebastiano Bucelli, Latin and greek classics, Florence, S. Croce Library, Codicology and Palaeography


This article focuses on the figure of Sebastiano Bucelli, keeper of the Santa Croce library in the first half of the 15th century; specifically the manuscripts including works by authors of the classical period used by Bucelli and further donated to the florentine convent of Santa Croce represent the objective of the study. The essay shows which classical authors and literary genres circulated and were studied in the Franciscan settings in Florence during the 1400s, in the light of the decisive turning point from the late Middle Ages to Humanism. These manuscripts were also analyzed according to a catalographic perspective in which all major codicological and paleographical elements were rendered in the form of a codex description.