Tra TV e GIF quality:The Young Pope come esempio di complessità televisiva

Gabriele Prosperi


Focusing on the analysis of Paolo Sorrentino’s The Young Pope (2016), the article points out a tendency of the contemporary TV series production to make the role of the author less recognizable, or to lead the viewer to deal with the process of interpretation. As a consequence, the spectator achieves a more participating role allowed by new media and by the context of a read-write culture aiming for the re-use of an original text.

The Young Pope exemplifies – along with other contemporary TV series – a new conception of quality, which can be related to the idea of complex narrative if it is redefined as the ability of the product to connect to both an idea of authorship and to the absence of the author in texts re-used and remixed by users.

Parole chiave

Complex TV; TV Series; Quality; Author; Participation

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