Sul cambiamento di stile nella scrittura onciale

Roberta Iannetti


This work aim to explain the developments, still not so clear, that led to the transition from the so-called uncial old-style to an uncial new-style. Trought an attentive paleografical analysis the author tries to inquire not only times and causes, but also the places where uncial script was gradually reworked out undergoing, between V and VI c., that clear stiffening of writing’s canon that is named new-style. It demostrated on the one hand the importance of bilingual scriptoria (in particolar those situated on Byzantine East) where latin script meets the greek one, and on the other the influence of the increasing spread of biblical litterature conveyed by sumptuous codices that required an equally pictorial script just as was the latest uncial.

Parole chiave

Latin Paleography; Uncial script; Uncial b-r; Greek uncial; Byzantine East; Codex Purpureus; Gospel Book.

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ISSN: 1826-803X

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