Bronzi votivi etruschi a figura animale. Problemi culturali, storico-artistici e cultuali

Barbara Arbeid


This study aims to provide a catalog of Etruscan votive bronzes in animal shape already known, published and unpublished, and to provide a proposal for typological, chronological and cultural classification which takes into account primarily the data provided by the original contexts. For this reason, the matter has been divided into three parts. In the first part has been collected and discussed through the analysis of their chronological and geographical distribution, the contexts that have returned to the Etruscan votive bronzes in animal figure, including the bronzes with an original decorative function which were found in votive contexts. In the second part, the catalog of Etruscan votive bronzes in animal shape is provided, divided according to subjects and types identified for each subject, together with a discussion of possible models, interference between small plastic votive and decorative, and chronological development of the class in question. Finally, the third part has attempted to propose some hypotheses about the Etruscan votive bronzes in animal shape from the point of view of worship, investigating the relationship between choice of subject, type of cult and gods, in search of a clue for understanding the meaning of this class of votive objects within the Etruscan ritual practices, and the links to the cults of fertility and sanatio on one hand, and to the animal sacrifice in connection with the offer of bronze objects, on the other.

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