I LIMITI DELLA RIQUALIFICAZIONE EDILIZIA. Contributo alla selezione di indicatori ausiliari relativi alle modalità di intervento sui fabbricati residenziali del trentennio successivo al secondo dopoguerra.

Giulia Larizza


The growing awareness of the importance to limit soil sealing process is one of the reasons to definitely shift the building activity on the existent stock. Approximately a third of the European housing stock was built during the thirty years after WW-II. A huge part of these buildings presents different kind of obsolescence. This declining performance process makes necessary to take a decision about how buildings can meet actual requirements. A decision must be taken in order to choose the preferable intervention in a sustainable and lifespan conscious design perspective. Renovation and demolition are both possible for multi-storey apartment buildings that do not present historical or testimonial quality. By the analysis of some case studies the research illustrates which are the most incidental parameters in the decision-making process and selects some indicators that could be defined as the limits of renovation project. Aware that from a sustainable viewpoint diffused demolition are not preferable, these indicators represent the conditions in which demolition could nevertheless be a preferable option.

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