METODOLOGIA PER IL RECUPERO ENERGETICO E FUNZIONALE DELL'EDILIZIA RURALE. Definizione di linee guida per la riqualificazione di edifici rurali in Piemonte

Maria Teresa Girasoli


Retrofitting interventions on existing rural buildings are frequently associated with new functional requirements consequently causing changes in intended use. Rural architecture is intrinsic to human needs and environmental specifics and it is characterized by long periods of product testing and modifications to reach the optimal among building techniques, materials and environment. The process of upgrading and enhancing the traditional rural landscape should be oriented towards environmental sustainability; it should recognize the typical characteristics of the natural environment and built up surroundings. For this reason, the energy redevelopment project of existing rural buildings should take into consideration the purpose for which the technological solution was envisioned. Adapting the building techniques to the new constructional needs and the new redistribution of space is essential. The proposed intervention methodology is driven by the desire to acquire a broader approach in respect to the one tied to the mere renovation of a country house. The aim is to employ a modern interpretation of using space, once dedicated to common activities, and now the subject of renewed interest. Research is therefore aimed at providing the tools you need to fully characterize both the refurbishing of rural buildings and any possible activities that can be done, highlighting the potentialities of the territory on which these buildings lie. Measures not separating the building from its territorial context are taken, while maintaining the close relationship that binds the architectural form to its use. A careful conversion is pursued, allowing the subject of intervention to remain a vital resource for the community. Creating a full scale investigation of these rural buildings in our national territory is not easily achievable. Therefore the study is limited to rural housing in Piemonte: the hilly and mountainous area are taken into account to assess the performance characteristics for different weather conditions. The proposed methodology, in addition to identifying the steps required to correctly accomplish the energy redevelopment building interventions, provides guidelines able to support professionals and technicians complying with the indications provided by the local authorities. An in-depth and complete documentation of each step incorporating accurate input and output data will be provided throughout the working process. Guidelines for the energy recovery of rural buildings provide a practical professional resource in designing technological solutions, in order to improve the energy efficiency of rural architectural heritage. This is accomplished through the analysis of building components and the critical constructive joints.

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