LINEE GUIDA DI INTERVENTO SU IMBARCAZIONI IN USO A STRUTTURA LIGNEA O COMPOSITA LEGNO-METALLO Proposta di metodo per l’esecuzione degli interventi di restauro e sistema di catalogazione del patrimonio marittimo nazionale

Leonardo Bortolami


The research aims to create guidelines for restoration of maritime heritage, wooden built or wooden-metal composite boats, considering principles and standards specific for restoration. Different types of documents have been prepared specifically for traditional maritime sector, with the help of effective documents adopted for protection of other types of cultural assets. In order to increase the awareness of size and characteristics of the national maritime heritage, a tool for boat census has been issued in the form of a website, which allows data gathering and statistical analyses. With the help of observations in shipyards, used to recognize the main issues in this kind of boats, it has been possible to identify a list of typical damages in wooden hulls. Thanks to the cataloguing of traditional building materials and techniques, the research presents valid action methods on maritime heritage. In order to evaluate effectiveness of guidelines, the whole research work has been validated through two case studies (Dragon class), with damages, structural and building characteristics similar to bigger classic and traditional boats

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