La trasformazione delle Cure Primarie nel Servizio Sanitario Italiano. Un’analisi di progetti ed esperienze di “Case della Salute”

Pierpaola Pierucci


In order to meet the challenges that the major changes - demographic, epidemiological and social - of the last decades have presented to the welfare systems of mature capitalist countries it’s recognized the need to reorganize public health services focusing on the development of Primary Care. In this context, the proposal of the Italian welfare model called “Casa della Salute”, which is the object of study of our empirical investigation, was born. The survey, conducted in the “Azienda sanitaria” of Parma, consists of two case studies (Colorno-Torrile and San Secondo Parmense), observed with a qualitative and quantitative methodological approach. The qualitative part of the study aimed to shed light on the objectives characterizing the model of Casa della Salute as the continuity of care, the unity of care pathways, the professional partnership and social health, and the connection between the community and the hospital. The quantitative part, instead, focused on the perception of the quality delivered by the new health care facilities from the user's perspective. The study has several items of interest and can be deepened for future research in this area.

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